Friday, January 9, 2009

How To


  • To email Joanne your tips, click her name <---- here or click on the link on the side panel ---> at top of page
  • In the subject field enter the Round #
  • In the text area, list your WINNING team. If there are multi persons, please dont forget to add the name then the teams.

  • Phone: If you don't have Joannes' home phone or mobile #, email is the only option as I will not publish that here !!!

    • You can phone in your tips to home or mobile
    • or send Joanne a SMS stating the WINNING teams only

    Tipster Doc: At the end of the Round, we will be posting the results below, refer to the Tipster 2008 table. You are able to view it all, just as before, but not able to edit it in anyway. If you notice an error, please let us know straight away. This is a new concept and it's a little bit trial and error.

    Leaving Comments: If you are wanting to leave a comment, and don't have a blogger account you can still do so by using anonymous, but please dont forget to sign it with your name otherwise we got no idea who has left it !!!

    Site: Cazz or Joanne are able to edit "Blogger" so if you would like us to add your blog or website to our list of links, or just suggest a handy link relating to Aussie Rules that you often visit, or just have a suggestion to make this easier to navigate, you can contact Cazz or Joanne by clicking names <---- or using the email link at the top of the page, or you can leave a comment and we will get to it as time permits.



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