Tuesday, September 30, 2008


"Medallion Club.. "Colin & Marc
(and they got kicked out...lol)

"Family Area"


1st Place


Equal 2nd

Equal 2nd

Half Time Chit Chat Time

Gary (Front Stalls)

In the Back Stalls - Midge, Alyce & Christine

Middle Front Stalls -Matt & Jorgia

Kerry and Kerry's mum

Shhh Time........ its back on

Some of the Kids outside having a good day.
Ohh i neally forgot the Win/Margin prize on the day went to

Weather was perfect, day was perfect, company was perfect
thankyou everyone.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

End of Season

Well another footy season has come and gone. I'd like to thank everyone for joining in the fun, and for taking part in this seasons tippings. We had a few teething problems to start with, but all in all I think our NEW system worked well. Okay enough of the blah blah blah....

Congratulations to our top tipsters

Adults Section:
  1. 130 points - $180 - Zel Kundid
  2. 124 points - $ 90 -
  3. 124 points - $ 40 -
  4. As we had equal 2nd placings $65 to each - Andrew Kerley & Marc Bowden

Childrens Section:

  1. 116 points - $35 - Alana Carroll
  2. 115 points - $20
  3. 115 points - $10
  4. As we also had equal 2nd placings $15 to each - Charlie Freeman & Nathan Ryley


Grand Final day to be held at Jo & Cols. Hotdogs with trimming to be supplied on the day, bring nibbles and FULL esky including drinks etc for the kids. Please RSVP Jo before 20.09.07 so she can organise her organising !!! Just give her a call, SMS or email her with total adults & kids and quantity of hotdogs required.

Hope to see you all on Grand Final Day.

Caz & Jo